Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hace un tiempo, compré estas lanzaderas
Poco a poco se han ido partiendo las puntas.

A while ago, I bought these shuttles.
Little by little, they all lost their picks.

Si bien no quedan inutilizadas, es algo que me frustra un poco.
True, they are not totally useless but this is somewhat frustrating.

¡Frivole me dio una gran idea!
Frivole's idea inspired me!

Compré ganchillos de acero baratos...
I bought cheap steel crochet hooks...

...con una herramienta rotativa, como un taladro pequeño, hice una canal en la punta de la lanzadera y además corté la punta del ganchillo...
...with a small rotary tool, like a drill, I carved a groove in the shuttle tip and also cut the tip of the crochet hook...
...luego adherí la punta del ganchillo con Super Glue (Gel)...
...then I glued the crochet hook tip with Super Glue (the gel kind)...
...y lo dejé secar.
... and let it dry.

Luego seguí las instrucciones de Decoromana 
y le he dado nueva vida a mis lanzaderas despuntadas.
Then I followed Decoromana's tutorial
and gave my broken shuttles a new look.


  1. Te quedaron preciosas!!! Te felicito!

  2. Please tell us more about the hooks! Where do you get them? How do you attach them? I tried following your references, even searching their entire blogs, and I can't find any notes on these matters.

    1. Check the post again. I redid it to include some details. Hope it helps!

  3. Ah! Thank you for the answers!

  4. That looks good! I have been glueing on my hooks, but I should get a little drill and try that...