Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Juego de collar y pulso. Diseño y realización: Karen Cabrera
Necklace and bracelet set. Design and tatting: Karen Cabrera

"Unfolding Heart"
Diseño/Design: Marilee Rockley


  1. Wow!!! Those are so awesome for Valentine's Day!!! :)

  2. Precioso Karen.... muy original...

  3. I have only recently discovered your blog, your amazing tatting, AND your EXCELLENT videos on just about every aspect of tatting! Your work is fabulous, and your dedication to tatting and TEACHING tatting techniques is SO impressive! I also applaud your ability to write in two languages!

    These hearts are all beautifully tatted, and your cascading hearts necklace is gorgeous!

    I will be following your blog from now on!

  4. What an original design! Wonderful! Don't know why I hadn't found your blog before (I have watched many of your videos). Your rosary from the post above is beautiful too.

  5. Stunning Heart necklace and bracelet. Congratulations on such a beautiful design! I just found your blog and your tatting creativity is awesome!!

  6. I am in awe of your work... Simply amazing!!!