Sunday, April 1, 2012

Huevo Manía! Egg-stravaganza!

Primera "puesta"... First "laying"...

Adaptacion. Susanne Rolf.

Luego, otros 4 huevos... 
Later, 4 more eggs...

Adaptacion. Spitzen Kreationen pag. 28

Adaptacion. Mary Konior's Ring a Ring o' Roses.

Adaptacion. Tina Frauberger.


Inspirado en una pieza semejante tejida por Tatting Chic.
Inspired in a similar piece by Tatting Chic.


  1. Your eggs are gorgeous! Happy International Tatting Day!

  2. Such beautiful eggs! Happy International Tatting Day to you.

  3. Preciosos los huevos de colores.

  4. Wow, these eggs are very pretty! I love the colours and beads.

  5. I just came across this post today! (I discovered your blog and AMAZING videos a few months ago and I admire all your work.)

    So great to see some 3-D eggs out there! I designed my first 3-D egg back in 1992 but used only a very simple pattern and did not do them in one piece, but attached the two halves together after stiffening them.

    The only other 3-D egg I ever saw on the internet was Tatting Chic's and it is beautiful. You have a similar intricate design here. She explained how she used the balloon trick to shape it. I am assuming you also used a balloon to shape your eggs! I have been wanting to design more 3-D egg patterns, and to try the ballon trick. I simply haven't gotten around to it!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Hello, Karen. I also just stumbled across your blog. I am in awe! Your eggs are so beautiful and well done. The colors are delicious and the patterns exquisite.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Some day I hope to tat half as well as you do.