Sunday, November 20, 2016

Presillas al rescate / A clipping situation

Hoy se me ha terminado el hilo de una lanzadera y me he dado cuenta de que no tengo más hilo - debo comprar para terminar el proyecto.
The thread just ran out on me and I don't have more at hand - I must buy another ball to finish my project.

Puedo continuar tejiendo con otro color de hilo una sección diferente del patrón y no quiero cortar el hilo de la lanzadera mientras espero a que llegue el encargo; sin embargo la lanzadera cuelga, molesta un poco y me deforma los puntos.
I can continue tatting in another color a different section of the pattern and I don't want to cut the thread off while waiting for the new ball to arrive. However, the shuttle hangs and bothers me while I work, while the thread gets stretched and the stitches are deformed by its pull.

Entonces se me ha ocurrido una idea.
An idea just clicked in my head.

It works!

Ahora puedo tejer sin preocupaciones.
Now I can tat away without worries.

Estas son presillas que se usan en la confección de acolchados.
These clips are used in quilting.


  1. Good idea! They're very useful, those clips.

  2. Those wonder clips have an amazing number of uses! Great idea!

  3. Wonderful idea!!! :) Thanks for sharing it!!! :)

  4. I love the Clover clips. They recently came out with a new version that is narrower at the tip that I'm finding even more useful for tatting.

  5. You always come up with the most ingenious ideas. Great!