Monday, January 14, 2019

Rojo pasión / Passion red

Funda cuadrada para almohadón (50 cm/20 in.)
50 cm/20 in square pillow cover

Sección/Section 1: 
"Patchwork" de Mary Konior adaptada a cuadrado mágico por Robin Perfetti
Robin Perfetti's 'magic square' version of May Konior's 'Patchwork'

Sección/Section 2:
"Patchwork" de Mary Konior (C) del libro "Tatting with Visual Patterns"
May Konior's 'Patchwork' (C) from Tatting with Visual Patterns

Sección/Section 3:
Adaptación del patrón (diseño propio) para generar la puntilla.
Pattern adaptation to create edging (my own design)

Hilo / Thread


  1. Wonderful! I tatted Robin's version, but I gave it away as it was instead of turning it into something useful as you've done.

  2. Aw...Gorgeous red cushion with tatting!! If only I have seen this earlier, I would have made one for the coming CNY! Hmmmm... next year, perhaps.🤔 Thanks for the brilliant idea!

  3. Gorgeous red cushion, looks so warm and comfy