Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Thread comparison: Kaplan 50

Kaplan 50, 20 g spool
Polyester thread mostly used in Turkish Oya laces.
Beautiful shine and color.
Very slippery, will NOT hold a knot.
Ends tend to unravel, require sealing.

Kaplan 50, bobina de 20 gramos.
Hilo de poliéster, se usa mucho en encajes turcos (Oya)
Lindos colores y hermoso brillo.
Muy resbaloso, NO retiene nudos.
Las puntas se desilachan, es necesario sellarlas.

Compared to polyester Tianfeng 300D/3


  1. Very interesting 💚thank for the imformation 😄

  2. good to know. thanks!

    LindaB from Virginia

  3. If only I had seen this before buying 6 balls of Kaplan... I only managed to close one ring tatting relatively loosely. :)