Saturday, March 10, 2018

Thread samples / Muestras de hilo

My collection of thread samples keeps growing. 
I use these samples in my thread comparisons. Most brands are globally available but it is always good to have something to compare against when in doubt.

Mi colección de muestras de hilo sigue creciendo.
Uso estas muestras para mis comparaciones de hilos. La mayoría de las marcas se encuentran en casi todo el mundo, pero siempre es bueno tener una base de comparación cuando no se está seguro.
USA / Estados Unidos


Chequia/ Czech Republic


Germany / Alemania

Grecia / Greece


Italy / Italia

Japan / Japón


Romania / Rumanía

Spain / España

Turkey / Turquía

UK / Reino Unido

If you want to add to this collection, send me a sample (1 meter /3 feet is enough) together with the thread label or a copy of it in a regular envelope. 
Email me for address :)
Thanks in advance!

Si desea añadir muestras a la colección, envíeme una muestra (1 metro/ 3 pies es suficiente) junto con la etiqueta del hilo o una copia de la etiqueta. 
Si desea mi dirección postal, avíseme por correo electrónico :)
Gracias de antemano.


  1. Interesting collection and good idea to have samples. Hehe, you have the Romanian brand with the cat picture. It's cheap and not very good quality. I don't recognise the other one though...
    Also, did you know the Valdani thread is also made in Romania, but it is for export only.

    1. I did not know that about Valdani! I organize the samples taking into account the country where they were sent from, mostly. Not necessarily country of manufacturing. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Are you going to make something with all these little samples? or just have fun displaying them :) ?

    1. Hehehe... displaying them is fun! My goal is to compare most, or all of them, between themselves to have a good comparison chart of what brand/thickness is similar to what other. Thanks!

  3. Wow, what a diverse collection !
    In Anchor cotton, the number of 0s (zeroes) before the dye number indicates the thickness WITHIN that same size! More the zeroes, thinner the size 20 thread.
    In the old Anchor threads, there was no such 0, and they were the same thickness as Lizbeth 20.
    One has to be Very careful when choosing a combination - very limiting.

  4. I love that you have kept all the little labels with the thread, clever.