Sunday, April 1, 2018

Double trouble

Hoy es 1 de abril, Día Internacional del frivolité. 
¡Feliz día a todos los que amamos este arte!

Today is April 1, and everyone who loves tatting is celebrating
a happy International Tatting Day!!

Solo anillos, abalorios en la lanzadera 1
(Técnica mignonnette, como se ilustra en este video)
All rings, beads in shuttle 1
(Beaded Mignonnette as shown in this video)

Solo cadenas, abalorios en la lanzadera 2
(Cadenas en espiral, similar a lo explicado en este video)
All chains, beads in shuttle 2
(Spiral chains, similar to what is shown on this video)

Hilo/Thread: Kaplan 50
Abalorios/beads: Glass Czech 13/0 (1.5 mm)


  1. Those are amazing! Happy Tatting Day!

  2. WOW !!! Stunning and perfectly made!
    Happy Tatting Day to you, too :-)

  3. You necklace is wonderful I think of starfish at the beach💛

  4. Those are beautiful bracelets!! :)